“Fortune sides with him who dares.”  ~ Virgil

4TheGoodLife blog is on a quest to find & share true and actual ways we can attract abundance into our lives in every form, as we strive to live the good life. I am investigating and reporting what makes up a good life and how you can start living it today! This is my mission and I hope you will join me!

The Good Life Lab Experiments grow from that mission. Below are list of things you can do today, right now, in each of the 7 core areas of your life, to you bring more:

  • Peace
  • Happiness
  • Satisfaction
  • Reflection
  • Wellness
  • Abundance
  • Focus
  • Expression
  • Gratitude
  • and much, much more!

This page will hold short Good Life Lab Experiments, related to the core area ‘WEALTH’, that you can incorporate into your life. Try them out. Some will work for you and others will not. This is about lifestyle design. Creating a life YOU fall in love with… on purpose, by being intentional with your time, effort and experiences.

 Good Life Lab Experiments: Budgeting 101

Do you have a budget? If no… MAKE ONE NOW! Is it just a monthly expenses budget? That’s not good enough…

Have you reflected on your long-term and short-term goals, needs and wants?

If not… take some time now to put those things into your budget.

  • Do you want to take a vacation, plan for it now.
  • Do you want to buy a car or buy an expensive piece of software you need for a second income opportunity?
  • Do you want to save for a house or maybe you want to relocate across the country to follow your dreams?

If you fail to prepare… you are preparing to fail!

But we don’t fail here at 4TheGoodLife… so we will be preparing for the next steps in our lives by making them a priority in our budgets.


Good Life Lab Experiment: Gain Some Perspective

75 richer than if you have









If you have…. then you need to gain some perspective by starting with simple gratitude! 🙂

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