The Many Effects of Procrastination!

The Many Effects of Procrastination!

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The common reason why people procrastinate is the fear of the results and/or the lack of them. However, these reasons are easily avoidable only if you desire to avoid it. Procrastination is very serious concern for millions of people.

It has the ability to not only affect short term duties and circumstances; unfortunately this destructive behavior pattern can carry forward until the day you die. That is why it is important to develop good habits now to effectively counter your procrastination habit!

Let us examine the effects and impacts of procrastination in our lives.

There are several negative effects of procrastination.

Unfavorable effects on health

Giving yourself excessive stress and anxiety due to the fear of the result of an action IS not be healthy for your body. Upon thinking of the result, we have two options:

(1) To continue NOT doing the task and accepting what result it may produce or

(2) Doing the task with PRESSURE or EASE.

Failure to start doing your work, in time will mean sacrificing sleep and other leisure, in order to complete the task you’ve avoided, which will inevitably cause stress and may lead to a breakdown.  In addition, anxiety weakens our immune system, making you more susceptible to physical problems like illness and depression. Those could all be avoided by making better decisions at the beginning.

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Puts strain on your relationships

Delaying your task does not mean it will be magically finished tomorrow. Delaying will mean adding more work and anxiety; choosing to enjoy today means enduring the pain tomorrow. Take for instance, you didn’t finish a work task today due to your inability to stop procrastinating and it is your daughter’s birthday tomorrow.

You have a report that must be presented to your boss no later than the end of the day tomorrow, whether you chose to work the report or to attend to your daughter’s birthday, could result in a strain of one of your relationships or you will do the report under eminence pressure to not disappoint either party. That seems like no fun all the way around… can could have been easily avoided.

Threatens happiness

Each delay in your job task, might result in getting fired or demoted. Will you be happy if either of these happened to you? Short term happiness and freedom from boring or difficult tasks will not compensate the agony and regret you may incur when you lose your job or relationships.

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Life goals are hindered

Most people is ambitious, especially about something they care about.  We may have different degrees of ambition but surely, we want to be someone or have something. Delaying the things you need to do will also hinder you from achieving your life goals. Success will never be achieved through sleeping or fretting away valuable time and resources; success needs hard work and determination. That is where self-discipline and making better decisions come into play.

Ending your own life

Some people have been know to often procrastinate in seeing their doctors. They might say that it will be costly or is afraid to know what illness they have. Depriving yourself from seeing your physician might lead to a more serious problems and complications. Instead of having one illness, this easily could result in numerous additional illnesses and/or exacerbating the existing diagnosis.

Worse performance

When you procrastinate, you tend to rush things to beat the deadline. Rushing the job will result in a low quality performance. Low quality performances will damage your credibility and competence. This could be detrimental to your career or other aspirations. Keep close watch over this common behavioral consequence. This is a serious effect of procrastination!

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Life was never meant to be a fairy tale. It was never a dream to be imagined but a journey to work for and discover. Wouldn’t it be more fun and productive if we explored our full potential and used it for worthwhile activities? Giving your full attention on the task at hand will let you take well-deserved rests and full enjoyment of  all of life’s niceties in a stress-free manner.

I hope this article helped you.

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