Wondering About Detox Dieting and If It’s For You?

Wondering About Detox Dieting and If It’s For You?

detox made simpleDetox Dieting – Why is it important?

Detox or detoxification literally means to get rid of harmful toxins accumulated in your body.

The most common sources of these toxins are contaminated food, water and even from the air you breathe. For these reasons an all natural detox is the best way to go!

Food coloring’s preservatives and pesticides are mostly held responsible for these contaminants. These toxins can also accumulate in one’s body due to bad habits like smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, drug addiction and even a lack of sleep. These toxins pose a significant risk to one’s healthy lifestyle.

A “detox diet” basically consists of food, herbs and supplements which assist in ridding the body of harmful and deadly toxins. Making informed decisions about the foods we eat is very important. These kinds of diets encourage people to consume natural foods containing large amount of water and lots of mostly raw fruits and vegetables. Sometimes in juice or smoothie form, but not always.

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How detoxification came into existence?

Detoxing may seem like a new fad, but it is actually a very old practice dating back to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks practice of autointoxication. It’s been around for many centuries.

A simple detox plan:

  • It’s usually low calorie (but don’t mistake that for a starvation diet)
  • Its aim is to cleanse the body and reduce the toxin load in your body
  • May include fasting but not always
  • May consume some specific foods in what seems like excess while avoiding other foods completely
  • Can be practiced for one single day or longer ranging from three, seven, ten, twenty or more days.
  • Its ability to be individualized make it easy for everyone to find a form that can work with their lifestyle and still be beneficialall natural detox

A typical and all natural detox contains a high fiber content (usually coming from the skins and flesh of the fruits and veggies) and  consuming the basic sets of food like juices of fruits and vegetables, stews containing organic herbs and drinking large quantities of water.

It addition, it means the absolute elimination of processed and canned food, removal of added fats and carbohydrates from the diet and completely removing responsible irritants from the diet… i.e.dairy, wheat and gluten products are also usually restricted.

Is a detox diet for you?

If you are looking for a detox plan that works and are curious about how to start one… you should start with a quick and simple detox plan, one where you can try it on a short term basis but will allow you to experience the benefits of a detox. These include:

  • large amount of calories lost
  • helps burning fat accumulated in the body
  • release the toxins
  • significant weight loss
  • increase energy and better sleep
7 day raw detox diet 2.0

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If you see the benefits above as something you need and have been looking for an easy & quick start guide to detox dieting

Continue reading for a great step-by-step program that gives you all the tools necessary to get started today on your very own Detox Dieting program.

The 7 Day Raw Detox plan is an easy to follow program that will leave you healthier and more energetic. You can create your healthier lifestyle today!

This program includes:

  1. instructions
  2. recipes
  3. shopping lists
  4. meal planners and templates
  5. video tutorials and video logs from real people who did it (And You Can Too!)
  6. email program and FAQ
  7. Facebook Support Group for continued success
  8. PLUS: 3 Bonuses you can’t MISS!

I can’t recommend this program enough. Its easy enough to follow for any beginner but its complete enough for everyone to incorporate it in their lives! Its the kind of product you will use often and refer to all the time. I hope you pick up your copy today!


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