An Experiment In Gratitude

An Experiment In Gratitude

What makes you happy?

Have you ever wondered why?

Join Soul Pancake in an experimental approach on what makes people happier. I’m going to share mine and I want you to share yours! Even you want an even bigger jump in happiness… garner up the courage and MAKE THAT CALL!

I could write many of these (as I’m sure you could too) but for this exercise I will choose my grandfather

My grandfather is a man of unyielding love. I never questioned for a second his love and care for me. He was devoted to my growth and happiness. He taught me about love, responsibility, forgiveness and family. Even though he was a manly man, having 2 granddaughters, we never like he would have preferred boys. He let us play in his hair, he came to our tea parties, bought us dolls and frilly dresses and was price charming to our barbie. As I grew older, he protected me even when I didn’t appreciate it. He demanded respect from my boyfriends and he showed me everyday how a man lives his life. He would be a hard act to follow. I miss him dearly every day. He passed away my freshman year in college and I needed him so much but I realized he was always there in the many lessons and moments recalled in my heart when I called to him. I miss him very much. J.A.H.

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