You Can Become A Better Artist!

You Can Become A Better Artist!
how to draw more Realistic pencil portraits

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Before going through this article there is a question for all the readers…

Who is an artist?

An artist is not the one who knows how to draw or the one who can barely copy out what he sees on a canvas, rather an artist is the one who can transform his imagination into reality with his brushes and paints.

Just as a wizard can bring an object to life with a whirl of his wand, similarly an artist can bring his painting, portraits, art to life with just a stroke of his brush.

Should artists take courses to improve their technique?

Various drawing courses or like the one here for drawing realistic pencil portraits are available to help artists become better at their craft!

There may doubt lingering in the minds of most people reading this article… why would they require any additional guidance or instruction when they could just practice without assistance.

As soon as one starts learning something new there are numerous routes in front of him to get to the top and become the master of that field, but it is advisable to opt for that route which is the best one. Thus an expert can help you guide to the tried and tested best available method to quickly improve your skills with minimum errors and specialized support.

So it is quite important to get proper guidance in order to become a better artist.

So get geared up with your pens and notepads to pen down all these tips and tricks given below.

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Don’t be afraid of facing failures

how to draw better eyes

Image drawing an eye with such detail. Click here to learn how to avoid the BIGGEST mistake for people in drawing eyeball, eyelids, and iris.

During the process of learning it is quite obvious that you would have to face failures at some point or the other. There will be times when you will face various obstacles and hurdles which would refrain you from moving further. And despite your best efforts you would not be able to succeed. You would find all your efforts going in vain.

But don’t get disheartened as this is the point when you will transform from an amateur to an artist. All you need is to just practice harder until you succeed, remember that Rome was not built in a day.

Take up challenges

Always be on your toes when it comes for taking up a challenge. Never think about its consequences, rather give your best to make it to the level of the challenge. This daring ability will give a lot of confidence to the budding artist inside you.

Be weird and think out of the box

how to draw hair better

Could you use a tool to improve your drawing technique? Click here to discover the faster and easier way of drawing realistic hair.

When you discover your own route apart from blindly following the masses then it will open a new dimension for you to think creatively and uniquely. Many of you might say that this would be a contradiction to what is stated above in this article. Yes it would be, but this is the beauty of art to be the same yet uniquely different.

Creativity is not bound within the four walls

Creativity can never flourish within the boundary of four walls and a roof rather creativity enhances when one is outdoor. If you don’t believe me then you can yourself try it. Spending time camping on a mountain and observing the nature would make you more imaginative and would help you create some realistic drawing.

To follow these tips or not is your choice but remember never stop following your passion.

If drawing realistic pencil portraits something you want to master, you need this home study course!

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There are tips and tutorials on how to draw amazing lifelike portraits. Some example chapters include:

  • How to draw eyes
  • How to draw ears
  • How to draw teeth
  • How to draw hair


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