“Indifference and neglect often do much more damage than outright dislike.”  ~J.K. Rowling

4theGoodLife blog is on a quest to find & share true and actual ways we all can experience more authentic and loving relationships as we strive to live the good life. I am investigating and reporting what makes up a good life and how you can start living it today! This is my mission and I hope you will join me!

The Good Life Lab Experiments grow from that mission. Below are list of things you can do today, right now, in each of the 7 core areas of your life, to you bring more:

  • Peace
  • Happiness
  • Satisfaction
  • Reflection
  • Wellness
  • Abundance
  • Focus
  • Expression
  • Gratitude
  • and much, much more!

This page will hold short Good Life Lab Experiments, related to the core area ‘RELATIONSHIPS’, that you can incorporate into your life. Try them out. Some will work for you and others will not. This is about lifestyle design. Creating a life YOU fall in love with… on purpose, by being intentional with your time, effort and experiences.


Good Life Lab Experiments: Photo Album Therapy

Who’s been to their grandmothers or great aunt’s house to look thru the old family albums?

When was the last time you really looked at the old photographs hanging on the walls and thought back to that exact time and place?

Who has sat on the porch of the place they used to play or have gone to a park that they spent all their summers, or remembers the route they took to the store and candy they used to eat when they were lucky enough to get 50 cents?

These are the treasured moments that make up a life so don’t given them up so easily with stress, busy-ness and time lost. Stress and Busy-ness are thieves! Don’t allow them to steal those moments from you or your family and friends. Keep them alive by visiting them often and recognizing their expression and allowing your kids to fill their lives with such moments of pure unadulterated free joy!

And lastly, add more of those pure unadulterated free joyful moments to your lives today by being totally present for your family, friends and loved ones. No more scheduled fun. Try having a water balloon fight on a Tuesday!

Why not a game night on Thursday instead of TV? Why not invite the cousins over for a sleepover all weekend and let’s just play, minimize the rules (safety first of course)- have dessert first, tell ghost stories, make a fort, play dress up, wear those Halloween costumes any time of the year!

Wanna remember those great moments from your childhood and want to give your child the same… look through that old photo album today and see what memories come flooding back and let’s recreate them.


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